Basic livecam scams – Pre-Recorded live show

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2022)

What is a pre-recorded live show?

Pre-recorded live show (or fake live show) means that what you see is not a live performance by a model, but recorded previously by some scammers and acting as if it is live.
Okay, but how?

Alright, they have different methods from the cheapest dumb solution to a pro and expensive version.
Of course, the expensive one brings tons of money to the scammers. So they can do it in many ways let check them one by one.

Stolen streams

  • Basically, the scammers capture different promising live feeds from well-known cam sites (Like Chaturbate, Bimbim). There is a bunch of software out there that they can use to record the streams. I do not want to the public these directly, but you can find downloadable and online tools – that developed for only this reason – as well. (I do not recommend doing this since it is illegal).
    Recording desktop is a bad idea according to them since the streams contain watermarks, and it could be a little laggy, and easy to spot by anybody.
  • After they downloaded the necessary streams they might have to rest them a bit (months) and after this period they’re trying to register different webcam sites with a lookalike valid way.
    The bigger sites always checking the new registrants’ IDs, and other kinds of stuff manually, so it is tough to stay under the radar. But sometimes they have some success with forged IDs, (or other person’s valid ID) therefore the business can begin.
  • If they have enough different streams about the same model(s) this method can work for a while. It is effortless to make a video loop and stream through software as a live feed.
    This method, fortunately, cannot work for long because the bigger cam sites have their method to filter these activities, and the users can spot too easily what is the matter.
  • The smaller sites not always have the capacity to monitor these running streams, so be aware and always check if the stream is real, or you are watching a fake live show.Use our checklist, which you can see at the end of the article.

The pro version is more sophisticated and can run simultaneously.

  • The scammers record live feeds from well-known sources as in the previous section. Moreover, they take the target models to private and asking them for different things, for example, to make gestures (kiss, turn around, sit down, put a dildo on, etc.) a bunch of things.
    It is a big investment for the scammers but pays off in the end.
  • After they have a shitload of videos with these gestures and actions,  then they cut these into smaller video clips and then load them into special software.
    Now they can act as a real cam girl because they have a controllable, pre-recorded live video set. (They can label all the different gestures and stuff under the software and can play that movement that the customer asks.)
  • As the live cam show begins, the scammer is prompted with various commands – wave, smile, flash boobs, etc.—that trigger a clip of the model performing whatever action the victim wants.
    fake cam girl software - pre-recorded live show
  • To prevent a video from jumping and appearing fake, it’s often chopped into a near-seamless loop. If the video does skip, it just appears as if it’s buffering.
  • So, basically with this, they can impersonate the model as they wish.
  • This kind of scam usually does not work in bigger cam sites, usually, the random “cam girl” comes from out of the blue, and offering their services via different common sites. Like skype, Facebook, dating apps, or spam emails. (we have seen attempts on the PS Network as well)
    From time to time they appear on Chaturbate or Livejasmin free area to get new victims.

How to check if the camgirl is real or fake?

  • Always check the cam feed for the suspicious things
    • Stream that laggy
    • Moves that repeats
    • Sounds that repeats
  • If a model always online (like 0-24) it can be suspicious
  • Check the background sounds, if it’s continuous or not. If there is no sound, beware!
  • Ask the model to write or say some very random thing
  • The bigger cam sites are more secure (like Livejasmin or BimBim), since they have the capacity to check the online streams, and the model’s activity continuously.


The pre-recorded live show is a thing, but you can prepare yourself to spot it on the fly, just always check the suspicious things. Be smart and do not fall for fake live shows!

Please don’t hesitate to share your story in the comment field if you spotted some suspicious model anywhere since sharing is caring.

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