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Best Onlyfans alternatives to make big money – Only for creators

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2023)

 What OnlyFans alternatives exist if they going to Ban Explicit Content

Update 25 Aug: It seems OnlyFans actually will not ban explicit content from their website! 

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Onlyfans wont ban explicit content official tweet

If you are a content creator, it means you cannot upload sexually explicit content to your OnlyFans page in the near future, because they will ban your account if it does not match with OnlyFans’ updated “Acceptable Use Policy“. Basic nudity theoretically is okay, but is still not clear what this exactly means, and how OnlyFans, would determine which content featuring nudity were sexually explicit once this ban took effect.

OnlyFans spokesperson said in a statement that they would block users from posting explicit photos and videos, starting from 2021 October.

Banning much of the content that makes OnlyFans popular could reduce its user base and revenue, so this will be a big loss for the platform (like the previous OnlyFans data leak) as well as for the users, since this is what OnlyFans is known for.

Allegedly, OnlyFans will share more details about the move in the coming days, and it promised to “actively support and guide their creators.” Stay tuned.

But life goes on, several other websites also offer similar services where there is no problem with sharing explicit things. Read further.

Why OnlyFans ban explicit content from their website?

OnlyFans said in a statement that it is making the change “to comply with the requests of our banking partners and payout providers.”
After the Pornhub scandal in 2020 march, the banks and credit card issuers have tightened the rules, also OnlyFans can not find investors because of the adult related contents.

Why is that In nutshell ?

  • Some Venture Capital funds are prohibited from investing in adult
  • investors are concerned about minors creating subscription accounts
  • some investors worry that the company’s reputation would prevent it from attracting brand partners

So they have to change direction because of the above.

Top 10 OnlyFans alternatives where you can sell your exclusive content

  1. Fancentro
  2. AvnStars
  3. Loyalfans
  4. Bimbim
  5. Unlockd
  6. Adultnode
  7. Just for fans
  8. ManyVids
  9. Fansly
  10. IsMyGirl

Sites like OnlyFans in detail

You can find here the most common things about the websites, that you should know before you register.


Traffic : 15.69 Million visitors / month
User’s top 3 countries: US 38.74% , CA 6.41%, UK 6.10%
Creators’ share: 60-80% based on the content type


Traffic 8.15M Million visitors/ month
User’s top 3 countries: US 21.80% , IT 7.51% , FR 6.04%
Creators’ share: 100% (from the earned coins)
Read our article here: What is Bimbim?


Traffic : 2.19 Million visitors / month
User’s top 3 countries: US 35.10%, DE 4.69% , UK 4.55%
Creators’ share: 80%


Traffic : 2.79 Million visitors / month
User’s top 3 countries: US 58.47%, UK 7.22% , CA 5.44%
Creators’ share: 70%


Traffic : 2 million visitors /month
User’s top 3 countries: US 32.12% , Germany 5.91% , UK 5.10%
Creators’ share: 75%


Traffic 1.48 Million visitors / month
User’s top 3 countries: US 46.24%, CA 7.59%, UK 6.71%
Creators’ share: 80%


Traffic: 1.34 Million visitors / month
User’s top 3 countries: US 42.84% , UK 13.67% , CA 8.96%
Creators’ share: 80%


Traffic : 574.280 visitors / month
User’s top 3 countries: MN (Mongolia) 40.54% , US 9.87%, RU 8.17%
Creators’ share: 85%


Traffic : 456.820 visitors / month
User’s top 3 countries: US 31.41%, MD (Moldova) 17.81% , IT 5.83%
Creators’ share: 85%


Traffic : 285.500 visitors / month
User’s top 3 countries:  UK 27.30%, PH 18.79%, PT 6.02%
Creators’ share: 70-80 % depend on the content type

If you are a proud subscriber, one or more OnlyFans creator who has explicit content on her/his feed, sadly from October you will no longer find juicy media content on the site :(.

If you would suggest other OnlyFans alternatives to our readers to consider, please drop a comment below.

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  1. Do you know which of the above-mentioned websites has bigger traffic from Russia? I am specialized for a specific niche in the motherland, so I would choose the site which has more traffic from there. K

  2. This is a big problem for us, this is my only income source and onlyfans screwed up. Thank you for the list, i will give a chance elsewhere, and I try to bring my users to the new website.

  3. The number of the visitors just a number, you should calculate with the bounce rate, and the active users. However, it is a good list for new creators to decide. Cheers, Ralph

  4. Thanks for the list and the numbers, very useful. So what are your thoughts about Manyvids girls? Is it worth it?

  5. This is simply disrespectful, the manner in which this is all being handled.
    We should not be juggling our fans around to different platforms like some kind of chaotic game! This is serious. This is our livelihood.

  6. awaiting their official email so i can let my customers know what’s going on. have 43 of them already switched to a new platform…. THIS IS A JOKE

  7. Thanks for the list, very-very useful. I registered alreaey two of the mentioned websites 2 weeks ago, and worth it.


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