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BimBim – Know HOW and new features

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2023)

BimBim is evolving

It’s been a long time since the first BIMBIM review, which is to be honest a bit chaotic now, due to the lot of changes of the website. Therefore, I have gathered the latest news and the newest features on Bimbim for you.

Quick Jump:

    1. What you have to know about Bimbim – Basics
      1. About the Bimbim Coins
    2. Features 
      1. Stories
      2. Live
      3. Action Request
      4. Video Call 
      5. Messenger
      6. Videos and Exclusive videos 
      7. Subscribe 
      8. Surprise
      9. Private
      10. Peek
      11. Awards
    3. Bimbim new features
      1. Hot Show 
      2. Battle

Quick overview

What is Bimbim?

Bimbim is a freemium adult webcam site, where you can enjoy hot cam shows for free. The site’s design bit different from other cam sites, it’s optimized for mobile devices (but you can enjoy on your desktop as well).
It has different functions which we haven’t seen on other sites yet, that make it feel like you are on Instagram, Chaturbate, and OnlyFans at the same time.

What is Coin on Bimbim?

Coin is the main currency on the website, that you can purchase, and spend on the online or offline creators.
Also, you can earn free Bimbim coins if you new in the system, and validate your credit card. It means 10K free tokens for you. Click here.

Features on Bimbim

Stories :

You can watch daily nasty content like on Instagram or Facebook. You can use the search button (magnifier in the top-left corner on the main page)

Live :

Free live Sessions that let you connect with your favorite creator. You can see the LIVE indicator in the top-left corner of the model’s picture.

bimbim live features
Bimbim live models

Locked Stories : Different stories can be visible only if you subscribe for the model. It can be different amount set by the creator, and you can enjoy the content for 30 days.

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Action Request :

Bimbim Request an action
Request an action
Request action menu
You can find the action menu here

During a live show, you can interact with the creator in several ways (chat, message, surprise, etc.).
Action request is the easiest one. You can choose several actions from the predefined list, which can be diverse for different creators. Every action (for example, “blow a kiss”, “bend over”)  costs some coins.

Video Call :

You can call  the creator on her mobile even if she offline on the site(and the feature is enabled on her side as well).  It’s a bit more expensive feature, but more intimate.


You can send and receive messages and media content (text, picture, video, voice message). It is an easy way to get to know each other.

Videos and Exclusive videos :

The creators can upload short video clips, it can be free or paying videos as well.
You can unlock the paying ones for coins, and you can find them collected under your account.

Bimbim free and paying aka exclusive videos
Eclusive videos (old)

Upate 2021. Sept

Now the two different types of videos finally get tow separated tabs, and looks better.

Bimbim exclusive videos new tab
Bimbim exclusive videos new tab

Subscribe :

Creators can upload very exclusive content only for their subscribers. It usually costs a few bucks monthly, and will automatically charge your card (and not your existing coins!).

How to subscribe - Button
How to subscribe – Button
only for subscribers videos
only for subscribers videos


You can send different surprises to your favorite  starting from 10 coins.


Just you and the model, face to face, do whatever you want together, nothing will bother you.

Peek :

You can watch for ongoing privates some seconds

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Models can collect Award points based on their activity on the website. You can support your favorite creator if you interact with her in the above-mentioned ways. You can support her in every awards’ category at the same time. There are 9 categories in at the moment, it could mean tons of earning to her.

Current Bimbim awards categories :

  • Newbies – Every new model who just started her carrier on the site appears here
  • Subscription – Creator will win who has the most subscriber in the period
  • Hot Show – Creators can collect award points during their Hot shows
  • Actions – more fulfilled actions, better place in this award category
  • Battle – Most interesting awards – More successful battle, the better rank in this category
  • Video Call – Call her, watch each other. More time spent in the call, more award points to the creator
  • Surprises – Same method, she can collect points based on the collected surprises in the period
  • Messenger – More messages to her means more points on the awards = better position = more prize for her
  • Videos – Unlock as many videos as you can, she gets better position on this category

Any Creator regularly registered on the Website can participate in the Awards Game.
All awards start in every Monday, each contest lasts for 7 days

Weekly Awards Prizes for the creators:

  • 1st – $500
  • 2nd – $300
  • 3rd – $200
  • 4-6th – $150
  • 7-9th – $100
  • 10th – $50

New features on Bimbim

They have introduced few new features which make the camming more interesting and fun.

Hot Show :

Special live stream where the creator can set a price goal and show type.
If the thermometer reaches the goal, the previously described show will begin.
More users, more coins, the show begins faster.

bimbim hot show thermometer
bimbim hot show thermometer

Bimbim Battle :

You can enjoy two models at the same time in the live stream, and you can help your favored creator to win, with coins.
Model’s after the Battle, will keep all the tips they got during this show. It would be a great twist if the winner would get all the collected coins, though.  It’s more fun game than an intimate show.
Tip : You can deactivate each broadcaster’s sound, or just one, as you wish because if both of them works it’s annoying.

Bimbim battle winner

Interactive toy :

Many models use different toys during their shows, some of them are called interactive toy. It means the toy can react to your actions, and it will buzz a different way if you tip the model. More coins, different lengths and vibrations. It is really fun. You can see the following, if the model has this kind of toy:

interactive toy on bimbim
interactive toy on bimbim
toy setup bimbim
Different buzz with the toy

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