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What is mmbill.com in my statement?

(Last Updated On: März 20, 2020)

mmbill.com is a scam?

No, it is not. If You see mmbill.com on your credit card statement (bank statement), it means somebody probably purchased Chaturbate tokens with your credit card.

If you are not aware of this spending, or Chaturbate is not familiar to you, it is strongly recommended to visit mmbill.com since they are the billing provider of the above-mentioned adult streaming website since 31.january 2020.

You can :

  • Report if your card was not used by you (stolen card)
  • Cancel your Chaturbate subscription
  • View your purchase details
  • Retrieve your Chaturbate membership details

Email address:  support@mmbill.com

Live operators :

Canada/USA toll-free call: 1 (877) 338-7047 and 1 (800) 380-5793
United Kingdom : +44 (0) 1227 647120
International: +001 (954) 453-4141

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6 Kommentare zu „What is mmbill.com in my statement?“

    1. No, it is not a scam.
      Somebody used your credit card to make a purchase on Chaturbate.
      Maybe your card details have been stolen, or just one of your family members used it.

      So my advice is that call your bank about the unfamiliar charges or ask your family.

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