Instagram sex scam

Instagram Sex Scams

(Last Updated On: août 15, 2023)

Sex on Instagram?

Have you ever contacted by a random person on Instagram? Maybe a beautiful girl who lured you to check at her profile? Maybe you exchanged a few words as well because why not, right?
Instagram is not about sex since they have strict policy regarding this,  but there is a lot of borderline content out there for sure.

In January 2021, there were nearly 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram. That’s a lot! Of course many swindlers would like to take advantage of this. The more active accounts the more opportunities to make easy bucks for the scammers.

“I think my breasts are too big and sweaty, please help me to undress”, just a random comment under a random Instagram post. Who would not have received such a comment or private message?
The account looks like that of a real young woman who likes to post photos of herself in underwear.

But this commenter is not a young woman, she is not even human. She is a so-called sex bot.

These “bots” are fake accounts that are controlled by a software. Such software can also be purchased online as well, and do not think that it’s hard to set up.

The program that controls several fake Instagram accounts can issue commands, and this way, they comment on posts, write private messages to users, follow profiles, make follow-up requests and post videos. It’s all generated and automatized.
The bait is on the hook.

These fake accounts should look like real users as possible, so often they copy real Instagram users’profiles.
On the one hand, they have to stay under Instagram’s radar to not delete them, on the other hand, real users should be lured to their profiles.

The sex bots mostly have the same goal:  They want to get users to click on a dubious “link in the bio” to make money!

What is behind these links is extremely diverse.

  • Dodgy dating sites that are supposed to enable chatting with “real women” with the help of paywalls.
  • Malware / Trojan
  • Chat marketing (persuade you to buy a product or service)
  • extract sensitive data from users (for example credit card data, or info that can be use to blackmail the user)
  • cam site owners  or affiliates who are trying to make traffic to their websites

Instagram allegedly doesn’t know how many bots are logged into their network, but according to them, they are working hard to discover bots as quickly as possible and then to eliminate them.

How to detect fake Instagram sex bots?

  • The account has a generic bio
  • It has too sexy, seductive bio
  • Lack of original posts
  • It’s following many people and accounts
  • Its followers are random with no consistent people commenting
  • Account is fresh, created recently
  • there are many spelling mistakes (often the comment or the message is generated by the software)

What can you do?

  • Do not answer
  • Delete the comment
  • Do not click on the bio and any link
  • Report as spam
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