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(Last Updated On: August 15, 2023)

LiveJasmin previous versions

History of LiveJasmin

In the upcoming months, our favorite website will be 20 years old, this is amazing! With this article, I would like to recall the past few years.

At the dawn of the INTERNET, Livejasmin was almost the first website where other people could be watched during their sexual activity in live, through their webcamera. So, LiveJasmin is arguably one of the oldest websites of its kind.
The earliest LJ site was launched 19 years ago; it was registered at 24.02.2001 under the domain, mainly targeted the Hungarian audience first.
A bit later was registered at 12-11-2001; believe it or not, sooner than today’s big names like myfreecams (Domain registered at 19.03.2002), or like Chaturbate, which appeared 10 years later (Domain registered at 26.02.2011)!

A new generation has grown up since the site was launched, let’s see how the old website were looked like, that we’ve long since forgotten.

The oldest version –  beginning  2002

Every company starts small, as you can see in the 2002’s ancient version; no design elements were visible on LiveJasmin yet.
Although websites at the time were not full of design elements anyway, the Internet’s bandwidth was also very low in most places. Cameras had very low resolution; therefore the “shows” were laggy, the pictures were full of blurry pixels.

Here is my first picture. No red design, the main page has some links and the text : Welcome JASMIN! :-)))))

Livejasmin oldest version from 2002

I am a bit confused here, since the business model was a bit different from nowadays. The 900 day(s) membership seems interesting 😀
Livejasmin old - The membership page

I would also mention the old FAQ and the “how does it work?” section, where we get a full detailed explanation of how live-streaming works. 😀

Livejasmin 2002 version - Viewers FAQ

As you can see, nothing was very complicated, with one click you could be a Firecracker video performer, whatever that means  :D.Performer lounge in the old version of livejasmin 2002

The next version – 2002

Older LiveJasmin users may already remember this version. The iconic red color, the page has been updated, and the logo also appears.

Fisrt version of livejasmin 2002

We’re missing some parts of the old site here due to bad capture, but here is the mandatory GIF banner. In those days, every page was full of moving, flashing GIF banners. The “cool stuff” menu is also interesting to today’s eyes.

first landing page of livejasmin from 2002

A captured free chat video, without the video itself in the 2000′ style.

Old Livejasmin freechat from 2002

Old Version of LiveJasmin – 2003

This is the “Our models Page”. Can you imagine that only 272 models worked on the site in total? (This was 2 years after the launch)
Couples, boy, girls together on one page. I would also like to draw your attention to interesting performer names 😀

Old version of Livejasmin 2003

They also had an ICQ number, which is no longer very familiar to people today, but was an iconic chat service at that time 😀 (Old ICQ number : 172177817)

Old version of livejasmin 2003 need help page

Model Page was very different:

Old version of livejasmin 2003 models page

One step further – Early Version – 2004

This LiveJasmin version hasn’t changed much since the previous one. The Performer Awards are already released this year. The total number of performers almost tripled. WOW.

Livejasmin early version 2004

The awards (sorry for the missing pictures):

Livejas early version of performer awards
Who’s online page:

Early version of who is online page on livejasmin 2004

Getting better – 2005

A slightly different new landing page had been introduced; much more models had been registered. I especially love the interesting links at the bottom of the page. (Netscape, Amazon, Altavista, AOL , Real treats for a web archaeologist 😀 )

LJ old landing page with some features

 Livejasmin in –  2006

The real boom in the number of visitors and performers occurred somewhere here. As you can seem the number of the total performers was 24950! New categories appeared also.

Livejasmin previous version 2006

LJ Version in 2007

New landing page, and new categories again. The most interesting one is GET MARRIED. Of course, there is no such option nowadays.

2007 new interesting categories

LiveJasmin’s life between 2008 and 2015

The design has not changed in 7 years; the traffic of the site has been constantly growing. I think everybody knows the design that is called the old LiveJasmin. LJ was the most iconic adult live cam site at the time with this landing page!

livejasmin between 2008-2015

LiveJasmin NEW design – 2016

The beginning of a new era in the life of the website. Where the old design was thrown away and something completely new was introduced. The welcome was mixed, but users soon got used to the new look, and plenty of new cam sites took over the mosaic idea as well.
Plenty of new things were introduced such as the private teasers, smart buy, fan club, I have to mention the beautiful, professional profile pictures as well, the site became a premium category.

Livejasmin 2016 version capture

From 2017 to the present

These designs are much more closely related to the website known to visitors today.


LJ previous version 2017


Livejasmin previous version 2018

I hope everyone liked this little time travel into the past. Throw in a comment about what are your favorite features from the old days. Also, do not forget to check the free credit tricks here.

Oh, and happy 20th birthday again, good old LiveJasmin! -> Check How to get 90% OFF for your first purchase.

5 thoughts on “Good old Livejasmin”

  1. Really nice collection my friend. I was 43 old when I first visited LJ , There was a girl called Jenny , omg sweet memories. Now I am 60 and sometimes still visit the site. However I think there are too many complicated features.

  2. I really love this historical excavation ?, good to see that how small website the old livejasmin was ,with only few working models, and how it has been growing in the recent years. ?
    Is it true that the very first version was made for the Hungarian market? ??

  3. Do you have model name lists from the previous livejasmin versions maybe? I am searching for somebody but all the model names changed unfortunately, and I lost my old favorite list.

  4. So much fun to see Livejasmin’s previous versions, triggered many memories from the past. You believe or not I found my love of life in LJ seven years ago, second baby is coming :D. Sometimes we visit the site together to have some fun, but we agree on that the older version was the best!

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