Spinned Wheel, got 60% extra credits

How to get free credits on Livejasmin

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2022)

How to get bonus credits on LiveJasmin?

There are several ways to get LiveJasmin credits for free or much cheaper price than the original one.
Is it an SCAM? Of course not, we hate scams too (that is why this website exists). 

We have collected all the methods that you can use, to get the most out of your money and get your sweet LiveJasmin credits cheaper, or totally free. 10-90% discount, free 9.99 – 100 credits…OMG.

Read further, thank me later (just drop a comment)

Quick Jump:

LiveJasmin Gold Lucky Wheel – Is it working now? = NO
LiveJasmin Happy Hour – Is it working now? = YES
50% off for your first purchase
– Is it working now? = YES
Cheapest Credit Pack – Is it working now? = YES
Free Credits / Validation – Is it working now? = YES
Normal Lucky Wheel – Is it working now? = YES
Invite a friend – Is it working now? = NO
Halloween wheel aka Hallowheel – Is it working now? = NO

LiveJasmin 50% discount – HAPPY HOUR

LiveJasmin Happy Hour
is a powerful boost to your account if you are a NEW user on the site. Actually, your wallet is crying for this! This promo gives you 50% off on any packages that you choose, but remember, it is live only for one hour, and disappear forever.

After your purchase you should try  the new Lucky Wheel as well!
livejasmin happy hour 50% offer
LiveJasmin happy hour 50% offer
    • Open a browser with an incognito tab and Register a brand-new account here
    • If you are eligible for this promotion (new in the system), you will see the happy hour offer immediately 
    • Go for it
    • Choose the package, as you wish
    • Purchase the credits
    • Do not forget that, this is a one-time offer, which available only for new users, and only for one hour after your registration, for only one package. Choose wisely.
    • In this way, you can get 157.99 plus 9.99 bonus credits for only 85 USD
Livejasmine happy hour packs

50% off for NEW members

This is works if you (or your data) new to the system, and only works for your very first purchase.

50% off for new members

Steps :

  • Open a browser in incognito mode
  • Register a brand-new account here, search for the box with the 50%
  • Click on it, and finish the registration
  • Your first purchase gets 50% off

LiveJasmin The Cheapest package – ONE TIME OFFER

If you step back (with one click) from the package selector page, you can trigger a new offer, which is the smallest and cheapest pack that you can buy on LiveJasmin ever. You can get 17.99 Credits for 11.5 USD if you combine these two things together.
smallest pack combined with livejasmin happy hour offer
If you missed the happy hour offer, do not worry, you can buy the smallest package, but of course without the 50% discount. Works only if you have never purchased on the website.

One more thing…

LiveJasmin Free credits – CARD VALIDATION

This one is tricky. Sometimes, this offer pops up if you step back from the package selector page, as you can see in the picture in the previous paragraph.

This is a cool option to get 9.99 free credits. No joke! The only thing that you need to do is register your credit card. No charges, no nothing.
If everything goes well (and you have given valid card data), you are going to get the 9.99 free credits.

But remember, if you used this option, you cannot use the happy hour 50% discount benefits anymore.

LiveJasmin crazy 90% Off – LUCKY WHEEL

Update : This lucky wheel has been changed – Read further.

This discount is tricky as well. Go and make an account here.

If you have never purchased a dime on the site, under certain circumstances you may get the chance to spin the LiveJasmin Lucky Wheel, and get different bonuses, discounts.

Livejasmin lucky wheel

You can get up to 90% discount on your next purchase, which is outstanding.


After a while, a new lucky wheel launched, which is more sophisticated. At the same time, the previously known bonus system has been removed.

If you are a new user on the website, you get this version of the wheel that you can spin once.
There is a high chance that you spin above 50%

Spion the lucky wheel and get the bonus

The main point is that you will receive your extra LiveJasmin credits when you make your very first purchase.

Spinned Wheel, got 60% extra credits

If you are a registered user, you have the chance to get one more spin after every purchase.

With these extra spins, you may get :

  • Free peeks (you can watch ongoing privates for 25 secs)
  • Free messages
  • Free Elite points
  • Discounts – Which means Extra credits for your next purchase

Use your extra credits wisely – Do not fall for dating scams

LiveJasmin GOLD Wheel

UPDATE: LiveJasmin Gold wheel closed.

Today (2020. Apr.26) we found that there is a new LiveJasmin Wheel, for NEW USERS.

The difference between the previous one is that you will get no free credits, but a huge discount immediately along with your first purchase.

Livejasmin gold lucky wheel for new users - 99% off

Lucky wheel 60% off livejasmin

How to trigger it? Visit LiveJasmin and make an account here. If you are new to their system, you will see the gold wheel immediately.


UPDATE: LiveJasmin invitation has been closed!!!

The next thing where you can earn free LiveJasmin credits is the invitation feature. 100 credits to you, and 100 credits to your friend.

Get 100 credits, invite friend on livejasmin

Livejasmin Invite Friend

How to do it?

If you are a member of the site, and already purchased some credits, this new option appears under the menu in the top-right corner. Invite friends!!!

Click this menu point, and after this, You can send your invitation link to anybody.
It can be one of your friends, or you can post this link to every social media that you know, whatever.

The point is that, If somebody clicked on your invitation link, registered an account on LiveJasmin, for his/her first purchase he/she gets 100 free credits, so as you.

It is a win-win situation. Keep in mind, your invited friends have to be new members, without previous LiveJasmin registration.

Recommend reading – Livejasmin old versions, the website’s great history in pictures.

LiveJasmin Halloween Wheel

Livejasmin today (29.10.2021) introduced the Halloween themed wheel called the Hallowheel,  which seemingly last only two days!

Halloween wheel livejasmin
The wheel contains only 4 different spinnable things : 100% extra credits, 90% extra credits, 80% extra credits, and of course the “almost” and “spin again” parts. So there is a huge chance for that you can spin a juicy good bonus!Livejasmin halloween bonus wheel

28 thoughts on “How to get free credits on Livejasmin”

  1. well, as to the lucky wheel: i tried it several times and it’s not possible to reach 90 %, not even 80 %. The highest rate I got is 50%. A waste of time, that’s what it is.

    1. Come on, 50% is 50% , it is half of the original price, which is cool.

      Now there is the green lucky wheel that you can spin every day. I would like to figure out their logic behind this, so I do it every day, here is my result.
      Lucky wheel day 1 : 10% – Not purchased
      Lucky wheel day2 : 30% – Purchased the smallest pack
      Lucky wheel day 3 : 10% – Not purchased
      Lucky wheel day 4 : 40% – Purchased the 67.99 pack
      Lucky wheel day 5 : 30% – Purchased 67.99 pack
      Lucky wheel day 6 : forgot to visit
      Lucky wheel day 7 : 20% – Not purchased
      Lucky wheel day 8 : 80% – Purchased the 157.99 pack
      Lucky wheel day 9 : 10% – Not purchased
      Lucky wheel day 10 : 10% – Not purchased

      Based on the last few days, I think if you buy one bigger pack, the next spin will be smaller discount. But i do not know what triggers the bigger percentage. 80% was funn 😀
      I will keep spinning the livejasmin wheel until it last.


    2. This one is not true. With the double wheel option (the green and the yellow) I could manage to spin for first 50%, but the next spin was 90% right away! IToo bad it is not forever, since the livejasmin credits were extremely cheap

    3. I actually spun 90% the first time I tried it, and generally 30-70% every time since, but they don’t pop that wheel up but a few times per year now. It’s usually the wheel that gives “free messages,” “video call seconds,” etc… and that wheel almost always just gives “20% off credits,” which is basically giving you the credits for a little less than $1/credit for anything over the smallest package.

    1. Yeah it worth it. Unfortunately the livejasmin challenges have ended. I ‘ve spent around 200 EUR during the game, and cashed out around 1500 credits because I won during the daily “lottery” as well. It was fun, but unfortunately there is no more game on livejasmin

  2. Hey,

    Do you know guys where is the livejasmin lucyke wheel? It seems disappeared, and I cannot find under the promotion tab neither. Do you know any trick to get those sweet free livejasmin credits?

    Please help me.

  3. grandbracelets.co.uk

    Hi, I do believe your site may be having internet browser
    compatibility issues. When I take a look at your site in Safari, it looks fine
    however, if opening in Internet Explorer,
    it’s got some overlapping issues. I just wanted to provide you with a quick heads up!

    Apart from that, wonderful website!

    1. Thank you. We have changed our theme so it is faster than before. We also tested with several browsers like IE/Edge and works like a charm.

  4. Here is what i do. I buy a paysafecard for 10 euro some where. Spin the wheel first. If to low bonus or not what you want. The wait 1 hour and add 1 credit to your account (1.36 euros) paysafecard option. Then the wheel resets and you can try again. So you can do this until you get more lucky. I spend only 20 euros last time on paysafecard (not eveb fully used) to get discounts of 70, 80 and 90 %. Never had so much credits on LJ OMG!! Watch your wallets though this is highly addictive!!

  5. Guuuuys!!!! Easter lucky wheeel is started on Livejasmin, It has gold color and spinned a 90% with my old account and made a new one with 100% extra credits. You have to purchase , in order to get the extra, tho.

  6. After this gold wheel discount as a member a managed to spin an another (but not gold wheel).
    I got only loyality points with my purchase. Somebody could explaint what is these points?

  7. After months and 12k spending, I spin the Livejasmin wheel i get less or no discounts at all,only free messages, or points. What the fck? Feel like a rip off!

  8. I have no luck with this livejasmin wheel thing nowadays. I have several different accounts with different prepaids but every 15-18 spins drops me some bigger percentage. I think these free elite points are worthless. Is it just me?

  9. I access Livejasmin through mycams.com.
    This site also has the lucky wheel.
    The wheel is weighted better towards the punter than on livejasmin.
    I regularly get 60-80% bonus.
    So 80% gives me 176 credits for 113$ = 64Cents a credit.

    1. This sounds really good, I am going to try it. However last week there was an another type of wheel which gave me 100 % bonus ! Never happened to me before, maybe I was extreme lucky, or it was just a special promotion like the gold wheel was.
      Anyway, thank you for the tip!


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  13. LJ has updated there gold wheel, the weight is now heavily shifted to 50%, which is visible in the code.


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