How to stay safe on webcam sites?

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2020)

Webcam Sites and your safety

Porn and webcam sites has become widespread for today’s online users,. A few decades ago, sexual content was censored so much that you could only find it in magazines at the backend shelves in stores.
Today the internet has made sure that porn is available at the click of a button.

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Many webcam sites (like livejasmin) provide all sorts of entertainment imaginable to the avid fan. All these come at different subscription fees as well as a free platform where you can enjoy time with the models without having to log in to the site. However, with the ever-increasing amount of pornographic material on the internet, it is important that users learn to stay safe while on such sites.

There are many suspicious characters lurking in live webcam sites, hidden behind fictitious usernames. Such attackers can take your personal data , or your identity and cause you many sleepless nights holding your personal information for a payoff.

Here are some basic tips of staying safe when using webcam sites that every user should know;

Go with the renown sites

One of the biggest favors you can do yourself is not clicking on every link that comes your way in any porn site.
Some sites usually spam pages with plenty of pop up messages, ads, which can lead to strange places.
Sometimes during your free chat session you might find seems to be interesting links posted by other users.
These are to be ignored. There is no need to follow every link and discover later that your system picked up some malware, or you redirected to a phising site.

See what the reviews say

The best way to find out about any product on the internet is check customer reviews and see what people have to say.
Doing the same with your porn sites is a prudent move that will keep you out of trouble. Scroll through
a few reviews and see what people recommend and what websites have bad reviews.

Watch out for certain red flags

One way to prevent yourself from falling prey to identity thieves on the internet is watching out for websites with clunky operation and other such problems. Some of the websites  providing such services to users  are traps to lure them into giving up their information.

In such cases, the website most likely has a wonky user interface. There is no https connection, no terms and conditions sub page. Or other thing , like only few cam-girls working on the webcam site should also raise some suspicion as well as bad camera feeds, or seemingly loop videos instead of live feed.
These are cues that it is time to get out of the camsite.

Choose a user name that keeps you anonymous

Everyone has used a too-revealing username at one point or another, sexy webcams aside. Folks also don’t really take time to fortify their online identities and use passwords that are easily breakable and usernames that can be tracked back to them relatively easy.

Don’tapply a username that connects to your real identity in any way

The first thing that users ought to be careful about when it comes to their anonymity online is their username. A shortened form of your name or your pet’s name are two prime examples of bad ideas for a username. The idea is to combine alphabetic and numeric characters to come up with a unique username. You are better of going by your favorite super hero’s name if you can’t
come up with anything off the top of your head.

Secure password

Once you have a username that is totally disconnected to your real identity, you can now move on to forge a password that is just as strong or even stronger. A good password should include at least ten characters mixed in in random fashion between letters, numbers and special characters. It should be nothing as obvious as your birthday or any significant dates in your
life. This way, even sophisticated software will have a hard time breaching that wall.

Things that you say

You should never share your real identity (like your real name, age, and address, or personal contact info) to a new webcam girl, before you know her well.

Lastly,always use updated software on all your devices

Software updates always come with modifications, some we like and some we have to learn to live with. Either way, such updates always come with bug fixes and better security options, which keeps you safer on the internet. Ignoring new versions of your browsing software may be the reason you are victim to a phishing scam.
Pro tip : You can use secure payment method that never reveal your real identity.

Staying safe on the internet is no easy feat. Hackers and malicious users are always devising new ways to break through your defenses.
This includes tech advancements and of course outwitting unsuspecting users and leading them to traps. As you apply all these, remember never to share personal information online.

3 thoughts on “How to stay safe on webcam sites?”

  1. When it comes to payments, I only trust sites with Https connection. As with credit card details, a secure connection is a must. Snooping is common these days.
    Additionally I check Alexa rank and others details to judge popularity.

  2. Hey, nice article. Actually, I have a question. Is it possible for a malicious site to hack your web camera and use it without your knowledge? 

    1. Hello,
      Yes this is not impossible, but usually there are lot of signs that you can notice in such websites.
      Usually these malicious websites are trying to force you to download a plugin, or a newer version of adobe flash (there are many trciks). Of course these programs/updates are fake and may contains the harmful codes that allows the attacker to gain controll of your devices. So they could make access to your camera feed without your consent.

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