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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2023)

Does the Livejasmin hack exist?

So probably if you have sniffed around in Google, you have already encountered a lot of what seems to be true Livejasmin hack methods offering you free LiveJasmin credits. (in short livejas)

Let’s stop here a few minutes, and ask yourself why would anybody let you be the golden egg layer for FREE?
Good question, isn’t it?

I have some awful news for you; don’t quit reading since I’m almost certain you will be grateful for this info.

I’m going to tell you what the real purpose is behind these websites and why Livejasmin credit hack sites really exist.

Quick Jump :

  1. Basics – What is Livejasmin Credit?
  2. How Livejasmin credit hack sites work?
  3. Types of the Livejasmin credit generator websites.
    1. Survey and content locker sites
    2. Downloadable credit hacker tools
      1. Free to download Livejasmin credit generator tools
      2. Password protected tools
      3. License key scam
  4. TL, DR – Short conclusion
  5. Infographic for better understanding
  6. Security tips for your safety
  7. How to get free credits on LiveJasmin
Livejasmin hack which suppose to give free credits - But will not
One of the scammer site that offer free credits via online Livejasmin credit hack method

>>If you don’t want to risk your personal data with such tools click here and enjoy Livejasmin in safe way<<

What is Livejasmin credit?

Starting with the basics. Credit is the official currency on Livejasmin, you can pay for private shows, VIP shows, You can buy gifts, send surprises, messages, videos to the models.
Jasmin’s credit 
has real money value, and the models get revenue based on this.

If you want to get credits, you have to buy a package in every case, no exceptions. There are many different packages on Jasmin. You can start with the smallest credit pack (which is currently 17.99 USD) if you want to just try the service. —> 2023  Update !!! ->  You can buy LiveJasmin credits now for a ridiculously small amount like 20 credits for 4$ —> Read the article here!
There are several payment methods that Livejasmin accepts, for example, CreditCard, Wire, Paypal, Bitcoin, Gift Cards, and many more.

Just remember, there is no such thing as free LiveJasmin credit!

Keep reading, I going to explain everything!

How Livejasmin credit hack sites work?

First of all, do these sites work?

YES, but not in the way you think! You will not get any Livejasmin credit for free, ever.

There are many different bogus sites out there offering different methods in order to hack LiveJasmin (I going to explain all technique below), but all of them have two main goals:

  1. Make a lot of money from their users via different shady methods.
  2. Gather personal and touchy data from visitors, like their Livejasmin username and password or even worse… (To make money again to the crooks)

How and why can they do this?

I’m going to explain everything to you, so stay with me, and let me protect you from the scammers.

Livejasmin credit hack phone app - Which is a content locker scam

Types of the Livejasmin credit hack and credit generator websites

The Survey Scam Sites

Have you ever read similar catchy statements on a suspicious hacking blog? :

Get unlimited livejasmin credits without using real money. You do not need to worry about your precious money…”

This is the most common rip-off technique; you can find a dozen such sites on different topics as well.

Basically, these sites are making visitors believe that if they submit their credentials it will automatically add credits to their existing Livejasmin account.

To prove that their site is working perfectly, they usually add some fake reviews, manipulated video proofs, and fake comments as well. Not to mention the amazing server log tab on some sites which is a black box with green characters imitates a running script. Ridiculous!

Okay, but why is it worth it for them?

According to these free websites – in order to get the free LiveJasmin credits – you have to take the following steps:

  • Give out your LiveJasmin account (sometimes the password also).
  • And push only one button – Let this online hacking tool run. Easy, isn’t it?
  • Oh no…You have to prove you are a human being, so you have to fill out some survey, or you have to register with some shady SMS service (which will cost you a shitload of money).WOW. As they planned, you walked straight into a trap.

    The verification process in the scammers youtube video
    The verification process in the scammers youtube video

In the end, you get nothing, of course, but you already filled out a lot of surveys for them, and they get their money from the survey,or content locker companies. It’s a never-ending game; trust me, I’ve checked it.

Livejasmin survey verification
Livejasmin hack – Survey verification

What is the content locker? (A Content Locker is a little script on the website that won’t let you continue to download or visit a link until you complete a survey or offer)

So don’t trust them! You won’t get anything, but you have let them know your LiveJasmin account name, and in the worst case, you passed your password into their hands too. It is called phishing, read our extended article about this threat.

Not to mention that with a simple visit to these sites you could let them know about your browser’s metadata, like your IP and other juicy info.

(So with only one visit they can find out a lot of information about you, like your interests, your IP, and metadata. This info is very useful to set up a targeted attack against you.)

>>> If you don’t want to risk your personal data, make a legit account on Livejasmin for free <<<

The Downloadable credit hacker tools

For example: “Livejasmin credits hack v4.0 free download”. There are many variants designed to different platforms, you can find Livejasmin hack for android, or even for macintosh.

These fake Livejasmin credit hack tools also sound really great and offer a harmful and easy service.
BUT you shouldn’t download any of them. It can contain a lot of dangerous things.

They are usually spreading these files on free file sharing sites, or Pastebin.com via bit.ly short links that point to private servers. However, I found other sources as well such as spam email that offering free credits, forum comments, or e-books too.

There are two types of them at least:

Free to download LiveJasmin credits generator tools

This is the most dangerous type. If you download it, you might infect your PC with different malicious programs like RAT (remote access tool) / Trojan / Browser Hijacker/cryptovirus and so on, the list is endless.
Basically, they can combine a lot of different things.

In this way they can do a lot of things, like:

    • Infect your device with key loggers to steal your credit card numbers, bank account data, and, of course, other passwords for social media sites, etc.
    • Install malware to hijack your web browser (for example, you will see shit tons of unwanted ads making money for the crooks, or manipulating your search results in order to get traffic to their other websites, or ADS).
    • Encrypt your hard drives/important files and blackmail you for extra money (ransomware).
    • Start mining altcoins from your computer.
    • Start other attacks from YOUR computer.
    • Blackmailing and/or threatening you
    • And any of a million other ways to make your money into their money.

[Pro TIP] What if you already downloaded something?

  • Always a good idea to install some antivirus program.
  • Use Malwarebytes to detect malware files on your computer.
  • Always back up your important files.
  • Decrypt the most common ransomwares with this online tool

Password protected “hacker tools”

The other type of downloadable Livejasmin hack tools shows up when you can download the hacker file for free.
Usually, it doesn’t contain any virus, or any other useful stuff (sometimes is just an excel file that was renamed to .exe or .bat), but the file itself is password protected.

I forgot to mention that if you need the password, you have to go to a specific website (which usually precisely described on the downloaded pack’s text file), and then you have to fill out some surveys.
How ironic isn’t it?

Now maybe you can guess that there is no working password or working Livejasmin credits hack software.
See this beautiful example:

Livejasmin Credit Generator tool - With inbuilt malware
Livejasmin Credit Generator tool – With inbuilt malware
Same site - The download part. Do not download this!
Same site – The download part. Do not download this!

Livejasmin credit generator license key scam

Now I found several other websites that achieved a new level of scamming. The new thing is that they are offering a “license key” or “serial number” for the fake Livejasmin credit generators.

Actually, this is amazing!

This license key trick is a new level of scamming
Search result – This license key trick is a new level of scamming

So let me summarise this one. Probably you already tried a fake LJ credit generator tool online, that forced you to fill the never-ending content locker and survey thing.
After your unsuccessful attempts with this tool, you are going to search further for a working option. So you are going to download one of their bogus hacking programs to your pc.
I am 100% sure that will not work either and it requests the license key, or the file’s serial number (that is a joke), or something to “activate” it.
At this point, you are desperate and confused at the same time.

They are playing to your confusion (since you did not get an activation key) they know that you probably going to search again for the serial key/activation number etc to make the downloaded “tool” work.

So finally you can find some serial key for the fake tool in Google, but you have to download (through their money site – that make the scammers shitload of money) some text file again which allegedly contains the necessary code/number.
But of course, it does not contain any useful thing!

Usually, it is just a .zip file that contains nothing if you have luck, but sometimes it is bundled together with other malicious kinds of stuff, that might harm your system.
The devil is in the detail!

===Click here and enjoy Livejasmin in a safe way===

Conclusion (tl,dr)

The most wildly known adult webcam site is Livejasmin.com. It has the biggest traffic in the adult chat industry for years.
Millions already tried it at least once, and millions are using it frequently in order to get their daily dose of pleasure.

There are some bad boys who think that they can make some benefits to themselves with fake Livejasmin hack websites.

It’s a big challenge not to notice Google sometimes pops up some interesting search results when you searching for Livejasmin.
These search results are offering shady tricks and sneaky methods for naive visitors in order to get Livejasmin credits for free.

    • There is no way to hack Livejasmin and generate free LiveJasmin credits
    • This hacking websites’ main goal is making easy money for the crooks from you, dear visitor.
    • Protect your personal data. Never uncover your own LiveJasmin login information to different websites, or shady software programs, because you put yourself at serious risks.
    • If it seems too good to be true, IT IS!
    • If you want cheaper credits, use the lucky wheel, or check other options regularly like the black Friday promo.

Are you sure?

Let me play a bit with the idea.

  • ☝Can you imagine if there were any extra credits that would exist on a Livejasmin system without any legal purchases behind them?
  • ☝If any hacker could gain access to LiveJasmin servers and databases to modify the credit amounts it would be an awesome success. I think if anybody would have those skills, they would never make such cheap websites to earn “a few dimes.” These skills are worth much more in the IT field.
  • ☝ If these Livejasmin credits hack programs would exist, everybody could make a model account in order to make infinity money for them, without any effort.

I hope, you are smart, and understand why these websites are magnetizing dozens of visitors.
A lot of people want free lunch, but there is no free stuff here. The only lunch is your data for the scammers.

To hack Livejasmin is sounds really good, but you just wasting your time. If you visit these websites you put your sensitive data at risk, and you put some money into the scammers’ pocket as well.

Read our article about Chaturbate currency hack.

Infographics for a better understanding of the nature of LiveJasmin hack tools

Security tips for your safety

For your online security
For your online security
  • ✅ First of all, always check to make sure you are using the right domain especially if you landed from suspicious sources.
    In this way, you can protect yourself from phishing attacks.
  • ✅ If you decided to register a new account, good choice, but never use your real name as your nickname on the site. It is for your basic security.
  • ✅ Consider using a different or random nickname (nickname generator), so if you put some comment or review to the site, your “internet life” can’t be tracked by any other member or model.
  • ✅ Your password. NEVER ever re-use the same password. Really. Livejasmin is very safe, and fortunately, it has been never leaked any personal data thanks to their security. But if your re-used username and password leaked from elsewhere, there is a chance that crooks are trying to access different websites with them.
  • ✅ You can check if your email and password ever leaked out from different well-known websites. HaveIBeenpwned and weleakinfo.
    Do not forget these sites are only for the known hack issues, so it doesn’t mean that your password has never been stolen.
    Good to know there are also 
    special websites for sharing stolen username and password combinations. (Never use them!)
  • ✅ Never choose an easy password which contains a dictionary word, or your birth date. It’s really easy to guess, or brute-force it. Instead, you should use password phrases.
    You can check if your password is secure enough, and how much time you would need to hack it with different machines. Here.Very good idea to change your password frequently (like monthly or at least every 6 months).
    You can use password manager programs to generate long and secure passwords like Keepass, Everpass, etc. that remind you to generate new passwords frequently.
  • ✅ Most important is: forget Livejasmin hack methods forever!

For further reading: About Chaturbate, Bongacams hack and Reallifecam hack

!!! Do not risk your personal data with shady tools, click here, and enjoy Livejasmin in a safe way !!!

How to get free credits on Livejasmin?

2023 update -> Extremle cheap credits on Livejasmin here

The best way to get free credits on Livejasmin is by using their bonus system. If you are a new user, you will be entitled to several bonuses.
With a clear browser register a new account here. (Choose a username and password wisely, and add your email address that works, since you have to validate that email later for other benefits).

After your successful registration, – if everything is ok – you will get the following popup, which is the Happy Hour promotion.
This promotion lets you buy credits after your first purchase for 50%, which means a lot of free Livejasmin credits!
Do not forget that, this offer only works for one hour after your registration. If you are an existing customer with a new account, unfortunately, there is no guarantee if this offer will pop up for you.

If you are a new user you have a chance to get the 90% bonus, which sounds extremely crazy but it’s true!



One more thing. If you skip the pack selection page, another offer comes up, which is the card validation. So you do not need to spend a dime here, in order to get 9.99 FREE CREDITS!!!
Just register your credit card on the site (it is safe – they do not store credit card info), and you will get the free credits, that you can use for anything on the website.

Or even better if you choose the smallest pack (17.99 – which is a one time offer too, so you cannot choose this package anymore) combined with the Happy Hour offer. So finally you can get this pack for half the price! Juicy!

get free livejasmin credits with card validation

For more detailed info about the current Livejasmin free bonuses click here.

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