Onlyfans leak downloadable got hacked?

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2020)

Terrabytes of OnlyFans content leaked

Onlyfans leak downloadable

What is OnlyFans? is a membership-based platform that allows fans to pay for “influencers” exclusive content (mostly nude and porn) via subscriptions, starting from $4.99 per month.
Whit this site you can support your favorite webcam girls, pornstars, Instagram stars, adult models, etc. and you can get juicy content in exchange for your monthly subscription. They have 20 million registered users so far.

What happened?

Based on hackread’s article allegedly up to 1.6TB to 4TB worth of juicy data, including adult videos and naughty photos have been leaked.
A few days ago several forums and tweets have appeared, claiming the links to the massive database that leaked from OnlyFans. Based on the investigation of 300GB dumps, the leak is organized as a directory and contains different juicy photos, videos, and the names of the performers as well.

Onlyfans response

The leak was not confirmed by OnlyFans:

“We have investigated claims of a site wide hack and found no evidence of any breach of our systems,” Steve Pymm, head of marketing at OnlyFans, told Motherboard. “The content contained in the supposed ‘leak’ seems to be curated from multiple sources, including other social media applications.”

The previous leak in the industry which badly affected market participants happened with Imlive‘s owner.


Update: More than 2,3 TB allegedly Onlyfan data have appeared on a well know digital goods shopping website (credits to hackread again).:



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