imlive data leak

PussyCash Owner of Imlive HACKED – Cam Models data leaked!

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2020)

Imlive data leak

Almost 20GB of data leaked in 2020 January from PussyCash’s network as’s security team discovered.

PussyCash is an affiliate network that owns the brand ImLive, ,, FetishGalaxy,,,,,,, and more…

Imlive is not the biggest whale on the adult cam business, but one of the most famous cam sites with more than 66 million registered users, and monthly 5 Million visitors. (plus their Whitelabel and partner sites)



PussyCash leak has exposed more than 4000 cam models’ personal data, which is a very serious issue.
We have no info about if Imlive’s member’s data leaked or not, but VpnMentor did find scanned credit cards as well, which raises some questions regarding this.

Based on the report they found around 875,000 files which could be:

  • videos
  • marketing materials
  • photographs
  • clips
  • screenshots of video chats
  • other zip files

These files could be up to 15-20 years old, but there are recent files as well.

PussyCash said there was no evidence anyone else had access to the folders other than VPNMentor’s security team.

Imlive (PussyCash) leaked data

Including but not limited to :

Photographs and scans of

  • Full passports
  • National identification cards
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • US Uniformed Services Identification cards
  • Model release forms
  • Social Security numbers
  • Photograph of a model holding identification cards
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificate scans Handwritten bios
  • Scans of credit cards

Read the full article and the possible breach impacts here – VPNmentor – Adult Site Leaks Extremely Sensitive Data of Cam Models

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What to do if you affected by the Imlive leak

  1. Contact Imlive’s (or the network’s site where you registered your model account) DPO. ( DPO = Data Protection Officer
  2. Confirm there was a breach at their network, and find out if your data could be leaked.
  3. Find out what data leaked. (Unfortunately more data could make it easier for crooks to use your identity to commit fraud in your name. (different scams, blackmailing, make registrations to other cams in your name, stalking, etc.)
  4. Accept the breached company’s offers to help
  5. Consider removing your unnecessary accounts. Make your Social Network accounts private, strengthen your logins and passwords.
  6. If your credit card info leaked, contact your bank immediately, cancel your card, and get a new one. (check your statement as well, if you find suspicious transactions)
  7. If you are from the US and suspect that your full identity is stolen visit and follow the steps. (“My information was exposed in a breach”)
  8. Keep monitoring your credit reports for signs of SSN misuse –
  9. In case of stolen ID and Passport – Sue a fraud alert. You can do so at the National Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) or a similar organization depending on your country of residence.
  10. In case of stolen Driver License – Notify the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. Ask them to flag your license number so that the police are extra attentive to any person who tries to identify themselves with this license.
  11. Stay alert and monitor your accounts frequently. Good idea to use google alerts, and set your username(s), to track websites where these usernames may appear, and look for suspicious activity.
  12. Be aware, and prepare yourself against social engineering attacks, and phishing (Scammers might not have enough info to use your online accounts, but they can use your leaked data to scam you or services you use.
    They might try to use the stolen data to convince you that they are from a legitimate company and to get other sensitive information out of you. Don’t fall into their trap!

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