how to be gentleman on camsites

Webcam etiquette for gentlemen

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2023)

We have an article about how to become a successful cam girl, and how to act with the members as a broadcaster. But sometimes the members don’t act like gentlemen either with the models; therefore, there are some user types that the cam models cannot stand.

How to be gentleman on live cam sites?


It’s the most basic thing, but still many forget about it. Broadcasters are also people, so every time you contact them, say hello.

It’s also okay if you have a unique greeting that you always use, so they get to know you right away, even if you’re using another user account.

If you have the opportunity, turn on your camera and show yourself, this way you can strengthen the trust factor.

Few Kind words always good

Take a minute to tell them how much you appreciate them, before you ask her to sit in an orbital rocket.
Praise her for how well the dress fits her. (never praise clothes directly)

Don’t forget your manners – Pushing is a no-go. Also, cursing should be avoided.

Respect them, and their rules

Believe it or not, many girls do not work on the website because it is their hobby, but provide them with a daily livelihood. Of course, many enjoy it and earn a six-figure amount of it each month, but most don’t.
If you are polite and respectful, the cam girl will give more. If she is happy, you will be happy as well.

Follow the rules of the room. Some of them are easy and more permissive, some stricter.
Always read carefully to avoid inconvenience.

Don’t force them

If the model doesn’t want to do certain things, don’t force it. Move on, to another girl who will be happy to do what you wish. Usually, the descriptions state what fits the girl and what doesn’t.

Tip them

The tip is a sign of respect and support. If you can afford it, do it. With this, you can express your gratitude for their time with you.

Respect the models’ privacy!

The cam girls are at your disposal to make the show and make you happy in the end.

Don’t ask them questions about their privacy, or their future.
They probably won’t tell you the truth about their family or their intimate secrets anyway.
This is not how it works. For most of them, it’s just a job to make money.
They are not your real friends, they are there to listen to you and please you and to satisfy your wildest imagination.
See an article about your privacy.

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  1. deleted dating apps because i want to find the old fashion way, by communicating my thoughts and feelings through book and fan flirtation etiquette.

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