What happened to Bimbim.com again?

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2022)

Can we say goodbye to Bimbim.com forever?


It seems that development has taken a different direction again, and the look and features of the site has also changed.

We’ve already seen a lot of change in the life of the site (you can check the previous versions and features here and here), and it started out very promising, but it doesn’t seem to have lived up to its promise.

Let’s check the changes:

  • The whole design has changed, it looks like a mix of a tube site and LJ
  • The site has remained a freemium cam site, so you can still see a lot of things for free
  • Coins became credits (1000 coins now means about 1 credit)
  • Some awards categories disappeared
  • They keep some key features like, video calls, messages, surprises

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