Where have the couples gone from LiveJasmin?

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2023)


11.07.2021 – The couple category is available again
. Unfortunately, there are few such models up here at the moment, but I hope they come back soon. YAAY!

No more couples category in LiveJasmin?

As you may have noticed, there have been many changes in LiveJasmin over the last few months. It was a huge surprise for me too because one of my favorite couples disappeared from the site, and they went to Chaturbate.

Many new changes and one of them have also affected the couples, lesbian, and celebrity categories as well.
So no matter how you search for different couples, unfortunately, you won’t find any. But why?

Livejasmin Changed categories - No more couples
LiveJasmin Changed categories – No more couples and lesbians

It started with changing the LiveJasmin model names


Something also happened with the names of the models as well. As it turned out, the site asked some of their models to choose a different pen name. So, seemingly the names of some of our favorite models have changed suddenly. Even there were some models who could no longer be found on the website because they refused to change their name, which has been used for years.

Every model who had too “sexy” or obscene username had to choose a much more sophisticated one that fits the new glamorous direction of the site.
According to the website:

“The account name should not be explicit and look like a real name. The only acceptable combination of the account name is the First name + Last name starting with capital letters.” You can read here the full model’s display name guide here.

Fortunately, you can still search for old model names in the top-right corner of the page, which will show your favorite model under her new name (if she did not leave the website).
As you can see, the direction of LiveJasmin is to make it even more glamorous. These changes can be seen on the webpage. You may notice the individually decorated rooms, the tasteful accessories on the girls, and the professionalism that appears on the models’ photos as well. Alright, sometimes there is too much neo-baroque gold furniture, but it is a matter of taste.

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LiveJasmin couple category change


During these changes, different categories (couple, lesbian, celebrity) were also cropped because these did not fit into the new line of the website.
So if you are missing the couples, you should look around the internet, maybe they have registered elsewhere.

But no worries, a lot of new and super cute models are waiting for you. Spin the wheel and buy some discount LiveJasmin credits here.

9 thoughts on “Where have the couples gone from LiveJasmin?”

  1. Sometimes individual girls brings their friends, or girlfriends if you ask them. But as they tell me it is risky since the site usually punish them. Too bad practice from LJ.

  2. I really hate this change, not only they didn’t warn about the change beforehand (therefore making my purchased credits totally useless) but every other website they went to is so much worse, often even more expensive (oh also there’s been a price hike all around the board on livejasmin itself). Also some models just can’t be found anymore, I had some fantastic ones that just disappeared overnight never to be seen again

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