Token Calculator

Chaturbate token calculator

If you want to control your CT token spendings or just want to know how much you or your favorite broadcaster earned with a huge tip, this easy Chaturbate Token calculator tool has been made for you 🙂

You can check how much Chaturbate token cost, with only one simple click.

In order to use the calculator, just give the token amount in the first field, and get the following results:

  1. The model earned: The value of the model’s earnings calculated in USD.
  2. Member spent: The estimated value of the tokens that the member spent, converted to USD.


[stm-calc id=”719″]

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Note that since the Chaturbate token bonus level is different on different packages (from 0 to 37%), we calculate with average numbers here, therefore the member spending just an estimated value ☝️☝️☝️.


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Pocket Calculator on LG
100 tokens = $10.99 USD
200 tokens = $20.99 USD (5% Bonus)
400 tokens = $39.99 USD (10% Bonus)
550 tokens = $49.99 USD (21% Bonus)
750 tokens = $62.99 USD (32% Bonus)
1000 tokens = $79.99 USD (37% Bonus)